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Made-in-Japan Flip Cap Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle MJC-A

Made in Japan
Reliable high quality

Model Capacity Colour
MJC-A036 0.36L
MJC-A048 0.48L

Auto lock design

Auto-lock cap and can be opened in one tap

SUPER CLEAN finishing

Super clean finishing prevents against odors and stains.

tiger-thermal-bottle-super-clean-en-1.png (70 KB)

Entirely Rinsable

The bottom part is laser welded. The bottle body is entirely rinsable.

tiger-thermal-bottle-2.png (31 KB)

Keep hot and cold beverages

Double walled vacuum can keep hot and cold beverages for over 6 hours. Suitable for all seasons.

Model No. MJC-A036 MJC-A048
Colour Gold (N), Pink (P), Red (R)
Inner Materials 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 0.36L 0.48L
Heat Retention (1 hour/6 hours) 85°C or above/63°C or above 86°C or above/68°C or above
Cold Retention (6 hours) 9℃ or below 8℃ or below
Thermal Bottle Dimensions (cm) 7.0x7.0x18.6 7.0x7.0x22.5
Thermal Bottle Weight (kg) 0.20 0.24
Mouth Width (cm) 4.7

Thermal Bottle Dimensions: width x depth x height