Rice cooker not only for cooking rice.

You can cook many different dishes with this single cooker.

Made-in-Japan Induction Heating Mini Rice Cooker JPF-A55S

Made-in-Japan Induction Heating Mini Rice Cooker JPF-A55S

Freshly cooked rice, porridge, multigrain rice, pasta, tomato stew, soups, curry, simmered dishes, omelets, gyoza (dumplings), French toasts, pot-au-feu, zenzai (sweet red-bean soup), and cakes. With this single cooker, you can cook all of various dishes.

Safe and trusted “Made In Japan” rice cooker.

You can cook rice, side dishes, and even sweets.
A multi-functional rice cooker made in Japan that can coloring your dining table.

More compact than ever even equipped with various functions. The rice is of course fluffy and delicious because it is made-in-Japan.

A compact-sized cooker that fits neatly in the kitchen. It can cook not only the rice but other dishes as well. A rice cooker equipped with many different functions that goes perfectly with your home.

The secret of delicious rice.

High heating “IH (Induction Heating)

“5-layer far-infrared inner pot” and “ceramic coating” unique to TIGER. By cooking using high heating “IH (induction heating)” technology, rice becomes delicious and fluffy.

A metal pot is used to attain the delicious flavor close to rice cooked
                    with a clay pot

Enjoy freshly cooked rice at any time

With a function that can quickly cook a small amount of rice - 0.5 cup in 17 minutes. You can enjoy freshly cooked rice at any time.

Sticky and firm texture of rice “Variable double pressure cooking”

You can cook not only rice but also side dishes. And it can be done in a quick time

Rice is delicious and dishes are also tasty. The added functions on this rice cooker allow you to cook many side dishes.
Do you need longer time to cook the delicious side dishes? Not really. By our advanced technology, the meal can be heat up in a faster way, and we made it possible to cook a time-saving dish in 15 minutes.

High thermal conducting “9-layer far-infrared inner pot (3 mm thick)”

Easy-to-clean embossed frame which makes sticky rice soup come off easily

Three parts to be clean.


Inner pot


Inner lid


steam cap

High heating “IH (Induction Heating)”

Multigrain rice


Mixed rice

Sushi rice


Brown rice

Extensive Menu Options

Slow Cook/ Soup
Rapid ≦ 1 Cup
Sweet/ Mixed
Perfect for people to cook various dishes with one food

Perfect for people to cook various dishes with one food.

What would you like today? Porridge? Or Multigrain? For people like you who want to eat rice in different ways, we’ve prepared a variety of cooking settings to let you cook rice easily and in the best way.

Selective cooking settings that allow you to enjoy various rice dishes, such as “GABA”, “Multigrain” and “Brown” which are optimal for health-conscious people, and the selective cooking menus that bring out the deliciousness of each dish, such as “Porridge, “Sweet” and “Mixed”.

15-minute time-saving recipes with using JPF.

List of functions

Heating method
  • IH (induction heating)
Inner pot
  • Ceramic coating
  • 5-layer far-infrared pot
  • Far-infrared inner pot
  • Fluorine coated inner pot with a one-year warranty
  • 2.5 mm inner pot
  • The inner pot can be used to wash rice
  • Oven-like pressure-adjusting cap
  • Dimpled inner lid
  • 24-hour keep warm function
  • 2 preset cooking timers
  • Elapsed keep warm time display
  • Easy-to-clean embossed frame