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Vacuum Insulated Carbonated Bottle MTA-TK

An official "Coca-Cola" design is now available for vacuum insulated carbonated bottles that can be used to carry cold carbonated drinks.

Model Capacity Colour
MTA-T05K 0.5L
MTA-T08K 0.8L
MTA-T12K 1.2L
MTA-T15K 1.5L

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The official “Coca-Cola” design loved around the world

Colored in Coke Red, the symbolic color of “Coca-Cola”. On the front is a “Coca-Cola” logo, and on the back is Coca-Cola’s signature official design, the Arden Square, accompanied by the text, “It’s the real thing”.

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Product Features

1) Gas Release Mechanism

Bubble Logic with a "gas release mechanism" that prevents carbon dioxide gas from escaping.

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2) Safety Valve Mechanism

To accommodate increased internal pressure.

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Tiger’s proprietary hygiene design “BioGuard” 

Tiger’s proprietary hygiene design “BioGuard” that adopts an antibacterial finishing and Super Clean Plus.

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Antibacterial process obtains the certification of SIAA

The antibacterial process used on plastic lid cap and handle obtained the certification of SIAA, more safe and health when drinking.

SIAA registration number: JP0122676X0001G

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SUPER CLEAN Plus prevents odors and stains.

tiger-thermal-bottle-super-clean-plus-en.png (282 KB)

Keep your drink cold for a long time!

This bottle will keep your drink cold for a long time.

*The diameter of the spout has been reduced to suppress carbonation loss.

Do not use this bottle for hot beverages, as they may cause burns when drunk directly from the bottle.

Easy-to-pour wide mouth Approx. 4.8 cm

Into the approx. 4.8 cm wide mouth, beverages can be poured easily from a carbonated drink container. Make you enjoy iced drinks heartily!

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Entirely washable

The bottle is easy to care for because the main body is entirely washable.

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Model No. MTA-T05K MTA-T08K MTA-T12K MTA-T15K
Colour  Coke Red (RC)
Capacity 0.5L 0.8L 1.2L 1.5L 
Cold Retention* (6 hours) 8℃ or below 7℃ or below 7℃ or below 6℃ or below
Thermal Bottle Dimensions (cm) 10.5×7.5×21.2 10.5×7.5×29.3 10.5×9.1×29.1 10.5×9.1×34.2 
Thermal Bottle Weight (kg) 0.29 0.38 0.47 0.53 
Mouth Width (cm) 4.8

Thermal Bottle Dimensions: width x depth x height
*Adding cold water of 4℃±1℃ into the container and leave it at room temperature of 20℃±2℃ for 6 hours.