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Electric Kettle PCG-G

Model Capacity Colour
PCG-G10S 1.0L

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Five Safe and Secure Structures “5 SAFE+”

(1) Lock function

(2) Dispense lock button

Hot water spillage is minimized in the event the kettle is knocked over.

(3) Double wall structure

The double wall structure prevents the body of kettle from getting hot.

(4) Prevention of empty burning

The kettle detects when it is boiling dry and is turned off automatically.

(5) Auto shut off system

The kettle turns off automatically when the water is boiled.

Model No. PCG-G10S
Colour White (W), Urban Gray (HU), Pink (P)
Capacity 1.0L
Electric Rating 1300-1420W
Electric Kettle Dimensions (cm) 14.8x22.6x23.4
Electric Kettle Weight (kg) 1.1
Required Time for Boiling (Approximate value)* 60 seconds/5 minutes (140ml/full)
Featured Functions 5 SAFE+

Electric Kettle Dimensions: width x depth x height

*water temperature and room temperature at 23℃