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Electric Skillet CQE-A11S

Model Capacity Colour
CQE-A11S 3.5L

Suitable for any type of cooking
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Grill pan

The pan divided into 2 sides allows you to cook vegetables and meat at the same time
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6cm deep pan

The pan has a handle where you can easily dissemble and use over a gas stove top for a quick boiling.

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Non-stick coating with texture

Allow far-infrared heat conduction to prepare different types of dishes.

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Model No. CQE-A11S
Colour Brown (T)
Pan Materials non-stick coating
Highest Temperature 240°C
Electric Rating 1100W
Electric Skillet Dimensions (cm) 40.7x32.9x18.7
Electric Skillet Weight (kg) 3.9kg
Accessories Deep pan, BBQ Plate (Grill Plate), Spatula

Electric Skillet Dimensions: width x depth x height