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Made-in-Japan Double Pressure Induction Heating Mini Rice Cooker JPD-A06s

Doubles pressure IH with 360° design brings out maximum fluffiness and flavors!

Model Capacity Colour
JPD-A06S 0.63L


Heat coating clay pot cooking

Heat flow coating on the top of the clay pot with heat sealing coating on the bottom of the pot
to improve effective heat storage and heat conduction, secret of cooking perfect rice.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-mini-rice-cooker-jpd-a-heat-coating-2.jpg (33 KB)


Varying double pressure clay pot cooking

Large and small pressure balls allow precise temperature control.
This creates rice with the perfect texture and stickiness.

tiger-jpb-g10s-double-pressure-en-3.png (251 KB)


9 layer thick inner pot

The 3mm thick inner pot reinforces the strength of induction heating.
The texture of the cooked rice will be similar to those cooked in a clay pot.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-mini-rice-cooker-jpd-a-9mm-layer-thick-inner-pot-2.jpg (47 KB)


360° design with small capacity

360° design with small capacity is ideal for 1-2 people to enjoy a healthy and warm family food in a very short time.


Glossy inner lid

A thin film that facilitates drips evaporating quickly during heating and removes unnecessary moisture.
In addition, during heating, a film of moisture is put on the surface of the inner lid to keep the rice moisture and shiny.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-mini-rice-cooker-jpd-a-remove-unnecessary-moisture-2.jpg (57 KB)


White LCD backlight

The LCD backlight automatically turns on during pressing, simple and easy to use even in dark place.

made-in-japan-double-pressure-induction-heating-mini-rice-cooker-jpd-a-LCD.png (130 KB)

Model No. JPD-A06S
Colour Urban White (WE)
Inner Pot Material 9-layer far-infrared pot (3mm super thick)
Capacity 0.5 cups - 3.5 cups
Electric Rating 705W
Rice Cooker Dimension (cm) 22.7×30.5×19.4
Rice Cooker Weight (kg) 5.0kg
Accessories Rice Scoop, Measuring Cup

Rice Cooker Dimension: width x depth x height