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Stainless Steel Lined Handy Jug PWO-A

Model Capacity Colour
PWO-A120 1.2L
PWO-A160 1.6L
PWO-A200 2.0L

Large mouth opening

Large mouth opening makes filling and cleaning easy. Filling with ice cubes for extra cold drinks!

tiger-stainless-steel-lined-thermal-handy-jug-pwo-a-large-mouth-opening-2.jpg (129 KB)


Easy detachable lid

tiger-stainless-steel-lined-thermal-handy-jug-pwo-a-cap.jpg (106 KB)


Easy dispense

An effortless single push on lever will do

tiger-stainless-steel-lined-thermal-handy-jug-pwo-a-lever.jpg (145 KB)


Keep warm and cold

Serve as your good helper in daily life, family gathering or party with friends.

tiger-stainless-steel-lined-thermal-handy-jug-pwo-a-family-gathering.jpg (162 KB)


Award winning products from GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2019

tiger-stainless-steel-lined-thermal-handy-jug-good-design-award-2019-2.jpg (61 KB)

Model No. PWO-A120 PWO-A160 PWO-A200
Colour Aqua Blue (AC), White (W) Dark Gray (HD), Aqua Blue (AC), White (W) Dark Gray (HD), White (W)
Inner Materials 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 1.2L 1.6L 2.0L
Heat Retention (10 hours) 66℃ or above 71℃ or above 74℃ or above
Cold Retention (10 hours) 10℃ or below 9℃ or below 8℃ or below
Handy Jug Dimensions (cm) 13.0x16.6x20.8 13.0x16.6x24.5 13.0x16.6x28.2
Handy Jug Weight (kg) 0.69 0.76 0.84
Mouth Width (cm) ~7.5

Handy Jug Dimensions: width x depth x height