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Stainless Steel Thermal Food Jar MCJ-K

Model Capacity Colour
MCJ-K050 0.5L
MCJ-K075 0.75L



Feel comfort and nature of earthy tone

Allow you to carry the food jar and enjoy meals outside in a fashionable way.

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7.8cm wide mouth

7.8cm wide mouth make it easy to fill and scoop food or beverage.

MCJ-K050075_FB & IG-04.jpg (220 KB)

Antibacterial process obtains the certification of SIAA

The antibacterial process used on plastic lid parts obtained the certification of SIAA, more safe and health when eating.

SIAA registration number: JP0122676X0001G

13_MMP-K_Image-04_SIAA-CN(600x380).png (53 KB)

Keep warm and cold. Enjoy your favourite food anytime anywhere!

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SUPER CLEAN finishing

SUPER CLEAN finishing prevents against odors and stains.

Few detachable parts for comprehensive cleaning

The bottle consists of only few parts; each part can be detached easily which allows more comprehensive cleaning.

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Model No. MCJ-K050 MCJ-K075
Colour Bengal Tiger (YE), Moss Forest (GZ) Rhinoceros (HC), Arctic Wolf (WZ)
Capacity 0.50L 0.75L
Heat Retention (6 hours) 62°C or above 70°C or above
Cold Retention (6 hours) 10℃ or below 8℃ or below
Soup Cup Dimensions (cm) 9.9x9.9x11.6 9.9x9.9x15.3
Soup Cup Weight (kg) 0.33 0.39
Mouth Width (cm) 7.8

Soup Cup Dimensions: width x depth x height