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Made-in-Japan tacook Rice Cooker JBV-S

Time-saving and Energy-saving Synhcro-cooking

Model Capacity Colour
JBV-S10S 1.0L
JBV-S18S 1.8L
Time-saving and Energy-saving Synhcro-cooking

Use the tailor-made tacook cooking plate to cook the rice and main dish at the same time.

tiger-jax-s-rice-cooker-tacook-en-1.png (137 KB) 

tiger-jax-s-rice-cooker-tacook-en-2.png (97 KB)


Various Cooking Menus

9 menus preset. Perfectly-cooked plain rice, brown rice, red rice and more in just one step!

TIGER-JBV-S-rice-cooker-menu-1.png (71 KB)

Model No. JBV-S10S JBV-S18S
Colour Biege (C)
Inner Pot Material 1.7mm metal pot
Capacity 1 cup - 5.5 cups 2 cups - 10 cups
Electric Rating 564-646W 790-863W
Rice Cooker Dimensions (cm) 27.0x35.3x21.4 30.1x38.3x25.5
Rice Cooker Weight (kg) 2.9kg 3.7kg
Accessories tacook cooking plate, Rice scoop, Measuring cup

Rice Cooker Dimension: width x depth x height