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Thermal Lunch Jar LXB-A100

Model Capacity Colour
LXB-A100 0.8L

Simple Design

The side dish container is stored neatly inside food jar. 

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Stainless Steel Container

The container is made of stainless steel (SUS304) in consideration of the sanitation and health.


Few Detachable Parts

Entirely clean by washing each detachable parts.

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High Maintainability

The inside of containers have smooth and polished interiors to resist against stains and odors.
The wide mouth (12.2 cm) makes easy to wash the entire of container by hand.


Vacuum Insulation Technology

The food jar stays just at the right temperature for a hot meal up to 6 hours.


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Model No. LXB-A100
Colour Clear Stainless (XC)
Capacity Food Jar: 0.5L ; Side Dish Container: 0.38L
Heat Retention (6 hours) 50°C or above
Lunch Box Set Dimensions (cm) 14.8x13.2x14
Lunch Box Set Weight (kg) 0.55
Attachments Chopsticks, Chopstick Case, Spoon, Spoon Case

Lunch Jar Dimensions: Width x Depth x Height