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Ultra Light Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle MMP-W

Ultra light stainless steel thermal bottle

Model Capacity Colour
MMP-W020 0.2L
MMP-W030 0.3L

Brand new design with fashionable and playful colours for selection

Stylish water bottles act as accessory to provide an enjoyable drinking experience on all occasions. 


Vacuum Insulated Bottle





Upgraded one-piece lid “Easy Cap” 

The gasket is integrated into the lid. The stainless lid parts have been replaced with resin parts, making it lighter and easier for cleaning.


Easy Capgasket_eng.png (107 KB)


Dishwasher safe 

The entire lid and body are dishwasher-safe. Washing your bottle has never been easier. 

web_2022_mmp-w020wk_ss_003.jpg (13.54 MB)


Easy-to-carry, lightweight and compact design

Easily fits into small bags, such as shoulder bags or backpacks.

web_2022_mmp-w020ap_ss_009.jpg (13.57 MB)



The interior of the bottle has a smooth and polished surface that is tough against stains and odors.

tiger-thermal-bottle-super-clean-plus-en.png (282 KB)


A mug-like rim for smooth drinking

The rim boasts both the cleanliness and pleasant drinking experience of stainless steel.

The upper part of the rim is curled to reproduce the mouth feel of a mug

web_2022_mmp-w020wp_ss_001.jpg (9.86 MB)


High heat and low temperature insulation

The stainless steel double vacuum structure enables your drink to be kept at the perfect temperature for drinking for about 6 hours or more.

Suitable for all seasons.

ultra-light-stainless-steel-thermal-bottle-mmz-a2-keep-warm-cold-en.jpg (53 KB)

Model No. MMP-W020 MMP-W030
Colour Snow White (WP), Sun Yellow (YP), Sea Blue (AP) Cacao Beige (CP), Magnolia Pink (PP), Stone Black (KK)
Inner Materials 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity 0.2L 0.3L
Heat Retention (6 hours) 58℃ or above 66℃ or above
Cold Retention (6 hours) 10℃ or below 10℃ or below
Thermal Bottle Dimensions (cm) 5.8×5.8×12.9 5.8×5.8×17.6
Thermal Bottle Weight (kg) 0.11 0.13
Mouth Width (cm) 3.6

Thermal Bottle Dimensions: width x depth x height