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Golden Rice Cake (by Rice Cooker)

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Product used: Made-in-Japan Induction Heating Rice Cooker (JKT-S18S)

Water 600ml
Glutinous rice flour 600g
Red sugar 300g
Oil 1tbsp

1. Melt all the red sugar with 200ml of hot water, let it cool
2. Mix and glutinous rice flour with 400ml of water at room temperature
3. When (2) is almost mixed, add (1) and oil, stir until it smooth
4. Grease the TIGER tacook plate, add (3)
5. Add water into the rice cooker inner pot to “3” level, add the tacook plate
6. Use “Slow Cook” or “Steam” function and cook for 60mins

- Adding oil into the mixture make the rice cake chewy
- You may steam the cake for 10 more mins to ensure the cake is well done