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Water Warmer

How to avoid the electric water boiler and warmer from re-boiling for too many times?

You may (1) set a lower water temperature or (2) turn on the energy saving mode or (3) use the VE model. 

How should I clean the electric water boiler and warmer?

You are recommended to use Citric Acid to clean the water boiler and warmer for every 3 to 4 months. Citric Acid is available at our TIGER shop at Shatin Centre or counters at department stores.

The power cable of the electric water boiler and warmer is too short, can I change a longer one by myself?

Yes, you can purchase a longer power cable from electric stores.

How should I clean a new electric water boiler and warmer?

(1) Open the lid for around 2 hours in order to get rid of the odors during production. (2) Add in water and boil it. (3) Pour out the hot water after boiled. (4) The boiler and warmer is ready to use

Thermal Bottle / Soup Cup

How long does the stainless steel bottle last?

Under general circumstances and usage, there are no expiry dates.

Why is there sound when closing the bottle lid?

This is because of the friction between the plastic ring in the lid and bottle body.

How to cook thicker congee by using food jar?

To make the congee thicker, part of the water vapour has to be evapourated. Boiling the rice and water before putting into the jar can help.

How to clean a new thermal bottle or soup cup?

You may clean the inner part of the bottle or cup with detergent.

Rice Cooker

Can I cook another pot of rice right after I finished one?

The heater should be cooled down before using for the next time.

Can I change the display screen battery of the rice cooker by myself?

Battery change should be handled by TIGER to avoid unneccessary damage to the rice cooker.

What is IH rice cooker?

IH stands for induction heating. The rice cooker is functioned by high heat generated by the fine cables inside.

How long will the rice cooker battery last?

It can last for approximately 5 to 7 years.

Why do insects go into the rice cooker?

When cooking rice, the rice cooker is hot/ warm. It is favourable to the insects and they will go into the rice cooker through the air hole at the bottom. You are recommended to wash the inner pot and the rice scoop everytime after use and clean  the rice cooker with a dry towel regularly.

Why does the coating come off when cooking the brown rice for a long time?

There is enzyme released when cooking the brown rice. The enzyme will make the coating come off easier in long run.

Glass-lined Handy Jug / Water Warmer

Why is there powder coming out from the lid of the handy jugs?

The lid may be depreciated under the heat. A component change is needed.

Why does the PNM series water dispenser not dispensing water after 1 year?

You may try to fasten the plastic layer at the bottom.

Is the mercury inside the glass-lined jug toxic to human bodies?

The coating is not mercury and is within the layer. Water will not be in touch with the coating.

Why are there black dots inside the glass-lined handy jugs or water warmers? Is the mercury coming off?

This is a normal mark of the support points, not mercury coming off.